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What is an Agricultural Conservation Easement?

fall-farmlandThe tool that ASA utilizes in most circumstances is an agricultural conservation easement. This is a legal agreement between a willing landowner and a qualified organization, such as ASA, that permanently protects a property’s agricultural and forestry characteristics by restricting the type of nonagricultural development that can occur on the land. In addition to farming and forestry, home-based businesses and rural enterprises are often permitted, as long as they do not negatively impact the agricultural and forestry uses of the property.

The landowner still owns the property and retains the right to sell, lease, gift, or transfer it. Each easement is tailored to achieve the landowner's conservation goals and he/she continues to manage the land. ASA’s agricultural easements are designed to provide flexibility for farming and other compatible uses, recognizing that farming will change over time. The right to develop the property outside of those provisions is permanently extinguished. ASA is responsible for ensuring that the purposes of the easement are upheld in perpetuity. Examples of model easements can be found here: Donated CE and PDR easement.



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Marns family portrait by Lawrence White

Deep Roots Holsteins

By protecting their land, Albert and Donna Marns gained new security for their family farms future.


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Philpott Farm

Preserving the agricultural heritage of our community and keeping this land available for farming in the future has always been our goal.” – Carleton Philpott

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Annie  Zack lightened up

Laughing Earth

"We live in a populated area and we are really happy to know that this land will be here, capable of producing food forever." – Annie Metzger



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