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Lands We've Protected


Kitty Highstein donates

125 acres in the Town of Salem


6U8A7056-3 - CopyOver 30 years ago, while reading the morning paper, Jene and Kitty Highstein saw an interesting property for sale, a house and 125-acres of mostly forested land located on Bogtown Road in Salem, NY. While a second home was not in their plans, a place just a few hours from New York City seemed like a perfect weekend get-away. It would also provide some much needed serenity.


What they found on their first visit to the farm was undisturbed beauty.  Recalling her first impressions of the property, Kitty said, “We fell in love with it from the moment we saw it. The bog is so beautiful and the animal habitat it creates was very important to us. We knew right then we wanted to preserve this special place.”

Each weekend, Kitty and Jene drove north to Salem to spend time making property improvements while maintaining the wildlife habitat that had caused them to fall in love with this property in the first place. Working outside became something they did together, and slowly, it felt more and more like home. They restored the house, cleared overgrown pastures for their sheep and horses, and spent time enjoying the peace, privacy, and silence they had been missing in the city.

In 1994, Kitty and Jene were able to purchase 38 adjacent acres to ensure that the bog would remain undisturbed forever. Those 38-acres were part of a property that was conserved in 1992 by Rich Carston, ASA’s first conservation project.

The Highsteins have owned the farm on Bogtown Road for 30 years. When sons Alex and Jesse were old enough to move out on their own, Kitty and Jene asked them where they felt at home. “The farm is home to us” was their immediate reply. With Jene’s passing just one year ago, Kitty, Alex and Jesse decided it was time to conserve the land that had given their family a home, allowed them to appreciate the beauty of the landscape around them and honored Gene’s love of the farm.

Pull quote-“When we moved up here, we didn’t know a single soul and it has turned out to be such a wonderful community. We feel so lucky to have found this place. It has embraced us. Conserving the land is really important to our whole family and has been a goal of ours from the very beginning.” – Kitty Highstein

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Marns family portrait by Lawrence White

Deep Roots Holsteins

By protecting their land, Albert and Donna Marns gained new security for their family farms future.


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Philpott Farm

Preserving the agricultural heritage of our community and keeping this land available for farming in the future has always been our goal.” – Carleton Philpott

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Annie  Zack lightened up

Laughing Earth

"We live in a populated area and we are really happy to know that this land will be here, capable of producing food forever." – Annie Metzger



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